Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Iris In May

We have these beautiful Iris in a bed by the garden. Some flowers seem to just speak to me of my childhood and Iris is one of those. Both of my grandmothers had Iris in their flowerbeds, I suppose that is why.

Actually, the Bleeding Heart, Iris, Lilac and  Rose of Sharon we have all remind me of my childhood. Both of my grandmothers as well as my mother had a love of flowers. It is nice to be outside on days like today, with the song of life itself humming all around you. Insects, birds, the sound of the creek. There is a wonderful breeze blowing and the sun is warm.

So here I present to you 7 pictures of Iris and a picture of a spider as well.

In other news, I am feeling much more me, day by day. I am actually feeling anticipatory about future events, and that is a big step forward for me. Now, go outside and appreciate life. It is a nice thing to be able to do.


  1. Iris' have always been one of my favs...i think it is because no matter what one does, they least here in the Pacific Northwest! I've always called them Oregon Weeds! When I owned my home in North Portland I had hundreds of them in many colors. I rescued many of them from a yard debris dump site; they had been run over by heavy equipment, neglected, deprived of any water but once planted in my many gardens, they flourished and multiplied. Their fragrance is intoxicating!!!

    1. Karen these Iris are special to us because Roger liberated three from his home in Hampton when he sold it in the 90's. The lady who owned the home prior had planted Iris and Roger loved them. They were subsequently planted at his mother's house in Abingdon and he transplanted them here after we purchased the house in Jan 2002. We also have some that he liberated from a dumpster at the transfer station but they are not established yet. My mother and grandmother Slade called them flags.