Thursday, February 2, 2012

Practical Application of Relative

Oh my, it is late tonight. If I do not think and type fast, I may not even make it by midnight! Busy, busy day for this old girl.


I had such a satisfying afternoon and evening, sitting and eating and talking. I met with two "girlfriends" at a local Mediterranean restaurant today. Actually, this brings up a subject I wanted to cover this month anyway, my sisters-of-the-heart.

A sister-of -of-the heart is a female friend, age unimportant, with whom you have a bond beyond friendship. A girl or woman with whom you 'click'. They are vital to our sanity, girls, make no mistake about it. They may be local, or across the country, or in another country. They are not determined by age, race, or DNA. Education? Not a determining factor either. I have been gifted throughout my life with these women. Sometimes they are in our lives for only a season, to help us in ways we never knew we needed help. Sometimes they are in our lives because we have a skill or experience they have need of and do not yet know.

Leesa I have known since first grade, Sandi I met in the seventh grade. Leigh is my first cousin. Diane is ten years older than I, Andrea ten years younger. Dove, Rae, Mandi and Deb I met at work. I met Shari through a flyer posted in a coffee shop about ghost-hunting, Debbie I met because we both follow a Tarot blog "Beth Owl's Daughter". Pilarr I met through Shari. Shaunna and Sussannah I met through Rae.

There is a beauty and synchronicity to life, a serendipity, the lagniappe that is always just around the corner. Sisters-of-the-heart are like that.

My life is enriched beyond measure by their presence and would be drab and monotonous without them.

I hope each of you has sisters (or brothers!) of the heart.

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