Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my comment on a blog by Beth Owl's Daughter

I have dealt with the dead hour issue for years.  I realized finally that this was my subconscious telling me, hey, you need to attend to some things before they get out of hand.  What I find interesting is the correlation between the reading we are given of the Nine of Swords and the Fourth house, especially after the explosive and unpredictable storms that keep sweeping across the country.
We clean our physical homes, because, well, otherwise we end up on reality TV or in therapy.  I know that sounds glib, what I am trying to say is we at least attempt to keep the real estate we occupy reasonably clean and habitable most of the time. 
When our inner real estate needs attention, we are plagued by insomnia, forgetfulness, irritable moods, what ever it takes for us to deal with the issues at hand.
When the greater whole, the human race, has things that need attending , when the earth is dirty, out of balance, is nature now doing the same thing?  We do not own, have dominion, over the earth is reality. We co-habitate, we share, we tentatively perch on the very crust, cannot even begin to go to the core.  We wound, we scar, we rape, we abandon, we force out of balance.  Why would we not have to deal with the consequences and results?

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