Sunday, May 31, 2015

Proceed Now Most Politely

There comes that instant 
(caught unaware more likely)
Perhaps having convinced yourself
Panic was distant
Fear wells up and heart starts pounding
The sheer immensity rather astounding
All of the probables and possibles seem
And you ask yourself if you can do this 
Stuck in a whirlpool of swirling
Can one self-implode from such
As you have just conjured
Gods how you wish you were
Drowning in weights
All in your mind
Yet drifting away on currents
Cosmically designed
Quick grasp a straw
or that piece of jetsam
The remnant of hope
or an old chum
Wait out the wave
Ride on the crest
Some day
There has to be rest
Sleep blessed sleep 
(for more than an hour)
Desperately needed
Then in some manner
Still shrouded in mystery
The fear abates
The dark cloud is lifted
Peculiar and odd the human psyche
Crisis averted
Proceed now
Most politely

~ Ellen Apple 05/31/2015

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