Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things that made me smile this week

Roger's view on life, tolerance and playing well with others:
    Apple Speaks:

    There is one thing every human has in common.
    No matter what country, what religion, what gender, what sexual orientation, what political views,

    What everybody has in common in their lifetime they all have to go to the grocery store/marketplace/bazaar/fields for food, shelter, clothing.

    There will always be a clean up on aisle three.

    When you look at different people they reall...y are not that different after all.

    Everybody has one favorite thing that they want the most, one favorite thing they love to eat. That means that we all have to see the thing that is the same in us and quit looking for the difference because we do not all have the same favorite thing.

    My favorite thing is homemade ice cream with fresh, fresh peaches.

    Just pay attention the next time you are out around other people. You will see what I mean.

A Poem I wrote:

Take my wagon to the woods

That is what I should do

Dig some 'seng

Find some ramps

Search out those dry-land fish

Take my wagon to the meadow

That is what I should do

Gather dandelions and clover

Cut some lavender

Brew me some thistle tea

Take my wagon to the fair

That is what I should do

Read some cards

Dance and twirl

Sing the Moon to sleep

- Roberta Ellen Smith Apple, 02/27/2014

This was our sky on Thursday.

Roger is making a crescent moon from a piece of cedar he found in our creek.

My babies.

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