Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Votes and Assholes

It has been several weeks since I posted on my blog, and every few days I say to myself. "Self, you really need to write something profound for your legions of followers to have for hope and inspiration."

Then I laugh, because at most 15 people may read this.

Unless you live in Narnia or a constant state of ignorant bliss you are more than aware of the impending presidential election, which true to form has ignited maelstroms of debate and acrimony across the nation. This year seems to be especially acrimonious, which I am speculating has to do a great deal with the addiction many of voting age have for social media. Say what you will of the medium, Facebook has definitely provided an almost unfettered platform for the passionate, the impassioned, the educated and the uninformed upon which fierce battles are waged constantly. 

I am trying to stay out of the way of the majority of the posts and links and clips. Not because I am not an active citizen, but because I do not see the benefit in the process. 

I registered to vote as soon as I could, and have voted in every election I was able to since. I have voted in local, state and national elections. I have seen the election of candidates I supported, and the defeat of candidates I truly thought would have been capable. I have been proven wrong in my beliefs, and I have been right about issues and concerns. None of which gives me any special ability or knowledge that results in being able to force my opinions down someone's throat. 

Truth be told, it is very challenging to vote and do it right. The sheer magnitude of information and disinformation available to the American public is at an all-time high. There are network and cable and syndicated "news" programs. There are print and online newspapers and magazines. There are unsolicited phone "polls" and "surveys". There are flyers and pamphlets starting to trickle in through the USPS. There are yard signs and bumper stickers and the impassioned handing out literature in shopping centers across the country. 

We cannot know which choice will end up being the correct man or woman for the job.

There. I have said it. Let me repeat that.

We cannot know which choice will end up being the correct man or woman for the job.

There is no clear choice, no flashing red or blue arrow saying this one. 

The right person today may be a mistake next week, and the mistake we make today may end up being the best mistake ever made. 

We need to trust more, we need to have faith in the ability of our fellow citizens to do the right and good and decent thing at least 51% of the time. We need to remember that life is a multitude of colors, not just black and white. We need to look for and cultivate the good in one another, and understand that the most any of us can do on any given day is try our best with the resources we have at hand. 

When someone, ourselves included, falters, we need to remember that no one person carries the weight of all of life, we share that burden among ourselves. 

Sure, I would prefer 100%, or even 75%. But I am pragmatic, realistic. So I am shooting for 51%, maybe 60% on a good day.

I have one vote come November and I will use it to the best of my ability, I have an asshole too. Doesn't mean I have to be one. 


  1. Well said. I for the first time in my adult life feel that there is no clear "prime" candidate in this election. I see the lesser of two potential evils. Either way who ever wins I feel that our children and elderly will suffer. I see major budget cuts in health care, medicare, medicaid comming !!!!! For the first time since I turned 18 and registered to vote I am not voting !!!! Call this year a non vote protest if you will I just decline for this election !!!!!